VolTRAX Cartridge Pack

The VolTRAX V2 Cartridge Pack contains three disposable cartridges that interface with the VolTRAX V2 device.

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A VolTRAX V2 Cartridge is a consumable used with VolTRAX V2, to prepare DNA libraries for sequencing on the MinION and GridION X5 devices. It contains an array for automated library preparation.

How it works:

A user simply adds their extracted DNA and reagents from the VolTRAX Sequencing Kit to the cartridge, and starts their library preparation script in the VolTRAX software. A full library prep requires 5-10 minutes hands-on time, plus 45 minutes automation.

Shipping and logistics:

The VolTRAX V2 Cartridges are shipped in packs of three, at ambient temperature, packaged in foam boxes.

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Storage and stability:

Please store your cartridge at room temperature.

Cartridge returns:

Please dispose of VolTRAX V2 cartridges as biological waste. They do not need to be returned to Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

What's in the box

The VolTRAX V2 Cartridge Pack contains three cartridges, which are shipped in foam boxes at room temperature.

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VolTRAX Cartidges can be used together with:


  • VolTRAX Configuration Kit (VSK-CFG002)
  • VolTRAX Sequencing Kit (VSK-VSK002)

Flow cells

  • FLO-MIN106D


  • VolTRAX V2

The library prepared on the VolTRAX can be sequenced on:

  • MinION Mk 1B
  • GridION X5